Automation & Control

An automation system ties all the various systems together under one simple to use interface; from your music, TV, Lighting, HVAC, and Security Systems. A well-designed control system allows you to hide all the system components and enjoy a clutter free environment to enjoy your home or simplify your workspace. In addition, you will also be saving energy. To find out more, click here.

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Residential Services

Enjoy a richer living experience at home. These features will make your life a little easier. Enjoy the convenience of “one touch” integrated remote control.

  • Imagine being able to automatically adjust your lighting when your favorite movie starts on your home theatre. Press one button to close the drapes, start the movie, and dim the lights – everything but pop the corn!
  • SureTechs offers solutions that integrate all your home systems into one, easy-to-use remote control, or use your smartphone or tablet to control your house.
  • Whether you are building a new home or remolding a cabin in the woods or historic estate, SureTechs offers automation solutions for every budget.

Commercial Services

SureTechs can provide automation and control solutions for Business and Commercial applications, Multi-Dwelling Units for master-planned communities, country club estates, urban lofts, or high-rise condominiums.

  • Sports Bars and Restaurants can easily control and automate the audio and video programming. Create the ideal experience for customers with entertainment displays, video distribution, electronic menus, interactive gaming, lighting presets, and audio controls.
  • Motorized shades add functionality to any conference room or lobby by allowing users to choose shading presets that coordinate with the changing needs of the space, without disturbing the occupants. Blackout shades may be closed for an A/V presentation, but opened wide for a meeting to let in sunlight.
  • Corporate presenters can’t waste time learning to use multiple remotes to pilot a presentation. SureTechs provides one-touch control that streamlines interaction of all technologies within your boardroom, conference area, or executive briefing center.